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“Up until that fight, you wondered why. Why does she put herself in this position? Why does she stay? And then you see how vulnerable she is and how truly in love with her he is. I had to come in kind of angry with my mind made up and let my heart be changed by him in that moment, which is not the hardest thing in the world to do with Tony Goldwyn.”

- Kerry Washington on the Rose Garden scene in Scandal episode 2x08 Happy Birthday, Mr. President


Know what I love most about the Olitz kiss at the end of 3x13? The fact that when he was about to walk away, Olivia stopped him. She /stopped/ him from leaving and she touched him, looked into his eyes and at his lips, then she assured him and then kissed him. /Olivia/ kissed /Fitz/ this time. She stopped the man she loves from leaving and kissed him. In front of an open window. Be still my Olitz heart. 


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